The co-operative movement in North Syria, known colloquially as Rojava (meaning “West” in Kurdish) is thriving.

In Rojava, a revolution is taking place, based on the political model of Democratic Confederalism, and within this system, co-operatives play an integral part in reshaping the economy. People here are taking collective control of their lives and workplaces.

In Bakur, (the predominantly Kurdish region which lies within Turkey’s border) co-operatives have been set up within a similar model of democratic autonomy, despite the ongoing military repression by the state of Turkey.

The Co-operative Economy in Rojava and Bakur project provides the only comprehensive English language information resource on this subject. Our aim is to make it easier for those who want to better understand what’s happening in the region, and to learn about the alternative economic changes that are underway. We’re doing this by collating all of the information that exists from around the world, and uploading it onto the project’s website, which is searchable via keywords. We’re also translating information from a range of languages, including Turkish, Arabic, Kurmanji Kurdish, German, French, Russian and Spanish, and into English.

The more knowledge that we have of the achievements of the co-operative movement in the Kurdish regions, the more we can support and learn from our fellow co-operators there, and the revolutionary way that they are transforming their economy under very challenging conditions.

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